Who as a cyclist doesn’t dream to climb a renowned mountain by bike. Or maybe already did achieve this challenge successfully… so an appropriate souvenir is in order don’t you think?
To commemorate this effort we have an appropriate souvenir for you. A miniature version of the posts you see along the road to the top. To avoid having to excavate the big ones we give you the opportunity to take one home in a more handy size. W 34mm x D 24mm x H 75mm and a weight of +/- 120 gr casted in synthetic plaster. Painted in the same colors as the real ones mentioning the name of the mounting or col, the height, place of departure and distance in km to the top. Standard, these data are printed on both sides.

If you order more than 25 pieces we can make a souvenir of any col whether it‘s in France, Italy, Spain or any other place on this planet.

So, cycling clubs, companies, group of friends, what are you waiting for to eternalize a challenge with a unique present. On the backside we can print your logo or company name for a little extra.

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