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The Bosberg is a wooded slope between the Flemish Ardennes and the Pajottenland in the territory of Geraardsbergen and Galmaarden (Belgium) on the western flank of the Moerbeke hill. The road surface of the slope consists partly of concrete slabs and partly of cobblestones.

The Bosberg is known as the final climb of the Tour of Flanders. Edwig Van Hooydonck owes his 1989 and 1991 Tour victories to the Bosberg. In both cases, he managed to escape on the Bosberg after which he could not be caught by his pursuers.

The Bosberg was first included in a major race in 1950, in the Omloop Het Volk.

The Bosberg was continuously situated in the Tour of Flanders since 1975 (with the exception of 2002) as a climb after the Muur (through 1980) or the Muur-Kapelmuur (from 1981), almost always as the last climb.

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