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Col de l’Arpettaz – Ugine


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The Col de l’Arpettaz is a French pass in the Alps, in Savoy, between Mont Charvin in the west and Praz Vechin in the east, above Ugine in the south. The pass can be reached by road from Ugine via two routes: via Mont Dessous and Mont Dessus above the Vallée de la Chaise in the south, or via Hauteville above the Gorges de l’Arly in the southeast; it can also be reached from the Col des Aravis or the Val d’Arly in the north (via Chaucisse) via a passable path connecting several alpine chalets.

The pass is the starting point for climbing Mont Charvin via the south wall.

At the summit, the Arpettaz mountain hut welcomes travelers3. The slopes of the pass are covered with mountain pastures, where cows graze to produce Reblochon cheese4.

The long, steep climb from Ugine is popular with cyclists and races are organized every year, especially during the Tour de Tarentaise. Wikipedia

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