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Loorberg – AGR


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Loorberg is a 219-metre-high hill in the Heuvelland region located in Slenaken in the south of the Dutch province of Limburg. The base of the climb is in Slenaken in the valley of the Gulp and the summit is in Heijenrath on the Plateau of Crapoel.

The slope has been included several times in the cycling classic Amstel Gold Race. The climb is then conquered twice, as the eighth climb after Wolfsberg and before Schweiberg and as the twenty-fifth climb after Wolfsberg again and before Gulperberg. In some editions of the Amstel Gold Race, the Loorberg was referred to as Heijenrath after the town of the same name Heijenrath at the top.

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Weight 0,120 kg

W 43mm x D 34mm x H 77mm