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Montagne de Lure – Valbelle


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The Montagne de Lure (Italian: Montagna di Lura, Occitan: Còla de Lura) is a mountain in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence in France, mostly forested on the south and east sides. The distance of the climb from the southern slope is 17.7 kilometres, with a gradient of 5.7%. The summit (Signal de Lure) is at 1826 metres. The largely bare mountain peak turns white due to the limestone present.

The Montagne de Lure was included in the programme of the Paris-Nice cycling race in 2009. Montagne de Lure was the finish site of stage 6, which was won by Alberto Contador. It was the highest finish so far in Paris-Nice history. Source Wikipedia

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W 43mm x D 34mm x H 77mm